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Music Works Northwest

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Music Works Northwest guitar lessons

Email Address:

Contact Person: Front Desk

Phone: 425-644-0988

Fee Schedule:

Private lessons may start at any time of the year with an available instructor and must be paid according to the monthly payment plan. Monthly tuition is figured based on one lesson per week for 39 weeks (August 31st, 2009 through June 19th, 2010) and calculated at monthly rates of: $38 for 30 minutes $52 for 45 minutes $68 for 60 minutes

Levels taught :

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Require an audition or interview:


Academic Oppotunities:

private lessons, group lessons, ensemble classes, recitals/performance, composition/songwriting, music reading, theory

Description about my music education organization's philosophy, experience, community, curriculum, and faculty:

We have taken great care in selecting our faculty. Our teachers, therapists and ensemble directors/coaches have strong academic credentials (many with Doctoral Degrees, graduate level backgrounds, and music education/pedagogy credentials) and are among the Seattle area’s most active and sought after performers. Our faculty members are dedicated working professionals from all over the world.

Offer Online Courses:


Description of scholarships or financial assistance :

Tuition assistance is available for those who meet the criteria. Please contact us for details.

Instrument Type:

Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Classical guitar, Electric bass

Music Styles

Rock Guitar, Blues Guitar, Folk Guitar, Country Guitar, Alternative Guitar, R & B Guitar, Metal Guitar, Classical Guitar, Pop Guitar, Jazz Guitar


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